January 1, 2022

Run The Year

Run The Year® 2022 is Run The Edge's annual virtual challenge that encourages you to stay healthy and fit all year long using a fun, motivational, and community-based approach. You are challenged to run or walk 2,022 miles in the year 2022, but can opt to set smaller goals or split the miles with a team! Access to our amazingly supportive online community of others taking on the challenge means that you are never alone on your fitness journey. Your fellow RTYers (and RTE's dedicated customer support team) are right there with you every step and stride you take.

Find the running event that will motivate you!

It's always easier to train when you've got something in mind train for. Find an upcoming running event in your area and sign up, it's as easy as that. Train each week in preparation for the big day and then go out and have fun with it. You will have runners at all different levels of running abilities. You'll have semi pro runners right down to absolute beginners. Running is for everyone when you realise that the only person you're competing with is yourself - to gradually make those improvements and gains. Good luck on your journey.

Motivate yourself and your friends by downloading DOARUN - the worlds first interactive running game. Set up a running group and invite your friends to join.

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